Susan Kee
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Susan Kee

First and foremost I love coffee...  My second love, to empower myself and I.M.P.A.C.T a life.  I.M.P.A.C.T. is an acronym I created that means, Irreversible Motivation Persuaded and Causing Triumph. Is that you? Somebody needs your voice. Someone needs you. To use your voice is an act of freedom. But, what does it take to really understand freedom? Freedom requires you to get engaged in your gifts, your beliefs, and to dream. What am I saying? Depending upon your walk in life, you may think that you know what it takes to be “free”. Freedom is easily talked about. Yet, for some, very hard to live.  Bondage, fear, shame oppression, repression, burden, whatever you choose to call it, harasses our lives daily. Freedom requires self-love.

I use to think that loving my self was the act of being selfish until I discovered loving myself released gifts that others were waiting on. Why harass? Because people often critique what they lack. The capacity to create. The fear of releasing our gifts and being critiqued haunts us. We go to bed thinking about it. We wake up thinking about it. Our thoughts are on different levels depending upon our age and status in life. When we're 9, they call it peer pressure. When we’re in your 20’s, we feel threatened to be, and in our 50’s, they call it anxiety.  The thing is, it all comes from “Trying to Survive in a World Called Normal”, and the need to fit in and to be accepted. Truth is, when  you can accept yourself, acceptance by others is inevitable. And, when you're a part of the right network you THRIVE!


I.rreverisble M.otivation P.ursuaded and C.ausing T.riumph